Physiotherapy At Home
Physiotherapy helps in treating a wide variety of conditions, such as injuries and fractures (including sports injuries), orthopedics and joints, strokes, post surgical rehabilitation, intensive care or terminal illness, abdominal conditions, obstetrics and gynecology, chest conditions, posture and movement, neurological conditions, learning difficulties and mental illness.

RxOcean has tied up with a number of eminent Physiotherapists within the NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida) to provide its patrons with Physiotherapy therapy treatment services at home for ailments like sports injuries, muscle injury, ligament tear, stroke rehabilitation, arthritis, fracture, joint problems etc.

Treatment is provided for all age groups from children to elderly. Our Physiotherapists specialize in many areas including cardiopulmonary, geriatrics, neurological, orthopedic, pediatrics and more.

We help our users by arranging a physiotherapist to go to their home location at their time of convenience. RxOcean at all times ensure that they tie-up with professionals with repute thus ensuring the best of the services for lowest price possible.

As an Inaugural offer, RxOcean has launched a package of INR 4000/- only for 10 Physiotherapy sessions (conditions apply) Kindly contact administrator @ 9891544850. Currently this package is available only at Gurgaon and South Delhi Region.

Process Details:
Once you have deposited / paid the initial fees towards Physiotherapy services:
Step 1 - Our administrator will confirm your appointment.

Step 2 - During the first visit to your home our Physiotherapists would carry out a detailed assessment of your symptoms to ensure we get to root of the problem quickly and efficiently. Our questionnaires are designed in a manner that our team would be able to quickly collect background and history of your problem.

Step 3 - Treatment steps devised by the Physiotherapist are also discussed within our team of physiotherapists in detail to ensure that treatment procedure is on right track.

Step 4 - Our endeavor is to restore your normal physical activities as soon as possible. Our treatment would include pain relieving techniques, soft tissue, joint mobilization, electrotherapy, taping and advise on how to get back to normal activities or your level of sport as soon as possible.

  In case any of the steps is not clear and you would like to discuss things in detail with one of our administrators in Delhi / Gurgaon Region.

Kindly note balance payment (Total Dues - Advance) would be collected via cheque / bank draft in favor or WebMed Health Solutions LLP at the time of first session.
Kindly contact administrator (+91-9891544850) to discuss your needs.
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