Health Related Information On Internet Gives The Freedom

Information has gone global. The exchange of knowledge is universal. People in one corner of the world are now able to catch hold of the relevant issues that concerns them, with the click of mouse. Of all the issues that harp on people in daily life, those related to health are
perhaps the most troubling.

Whenever there is a problem related to health, people tend to run amok for searching a redressal from the health issue. For a health problem that is seen in near and dear ones, the anxiety is more. And so, people try to find doctors, hospitals, health care providers, nurses,
pharmacists, and such health care givers in their vicinity. They try to find the concerned specialists who can give a careful look at the issue and help in regaining a healthy body and also mind.

When such information is sought, people are really in doldrums about the proper source which can lead them to the right place. Today, internet has come to the aid of common man to help them get relief out of such a trouble. As the health system goes online, internet is becoming a storehouse of information about various aspects of health related

It is here that people can come across the information about location of the required doctor in their vicinity. The hospital which specialises in a particular medical field, for example cardiology, nephrology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, and many more, can be known
and located from the maps on internet. If you have an issue with the respiratory system, then you would want to visit a respiratory medicine specialist. In case, there is the need to be operated for appendix, then there would be requirement to search for a hospital in the neighbourhood that specialises in laparoscopic surgery. Heart diseases are best treated in
the cardiology hospitals. There are even hospitals and nursing homes that have a number of specialisations in a single set up, and finding these in the city is now easy with the information online.

Online health information has also helped a lot in the medical tourism sector. People from far and wide in the country as well as outside are able to know in detail about the facilities and costs of various procedures in hospitals. They can contact the medical staff and fix up a
date for consultation and treatment, by emails and phone calls. The ease with which online information is accessible to people has brought a significant change in the health provisions for the public. Portals like RxOcean are supporting this cause, so that, the common man, has access and the freedom to choose, the best treatments for themselves.

Role of Dietician in weight Loss programs

A good dietician has a major role to play in a successful and effective weight loss program.  A dietician is trained in the subject of Dietetics which deals with nutrition, its effects on health and the possible role of nutrition in health care. This is the Science of Dietetics in which any dietician has to be proficient.

However, a good dietician has to go beyond weight loss and counting calories. A good dietitian not only considers the nutritional aspect in a weight loss program but has a more holistic approach, considering psychological aspects along with physiological ones.

Whereas normally weight loss or gain is directly associated with the calories consumed and the calories expended by a person, some people find it difficult to put on weight and for some weight loss is an impossible task. It is these people that a good dietitian can help by examining and extrapolating physical as well as psychological tests and symptoms to draw a customized nutrition and exercise program for each individual. For people residing in Delhi and Gurgaon, there are many good dieticians who can help patients with this holistic approach.

Many life style diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension are more prevalent in our fast-paced Metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai etc. rather than in small towns and villages where life does not move on the high-speed lane. As metro cities expand to gobble up surrounding smaller towns, like Gurgaon or Faridabad almost merging with Delhi, the malaise of these diseases spreads there too. In most cases the first thing that the Doctor prescribes is weight loss and reduction in stress.

When a person suffers from these ‘diseases of opulence’, as they are often called, only a good dietician who is not only trained in nutrition and dietetics but also experienced in the non-science facet of finding unrelated mental and psychological causes that adversely affect health, can truly help in combating and overcoming the detrimental effects of these diseases.

Thus, a walk for 30 minutes every day could be recommended along with a 1500 calories diet for one person while a vigorous aerobics exercise could be recommended with a 1800 calories diet for another and yoga and meditation for an hour with 1600 -1800 calories intake program can be devised for yet another person, although all three may need the same weight loss; say 10 kilograms.  

Delhi and the NCR Regions like Gurgaon, Faridabad, NOIDA etc. has some very good dieticians available for consultation.