About Oats

Changing times have left all of us in bad shapes be it physical, mental or psycological health. Given all the pressures we face in our daily lives it is very important for us to have wholesome nutritious diet which can ensure that everyday toxins are flushed out and at the same time we live a healthy and disease free life. One of the major problems that we face becauses of our lifestyle changes is obesity which also leads to Diabetes in majority of cases.

India today is at the cusp of diabetes epidemic. It is not only doctors and we dietitians who have been advocating good eating habits to keep these lifestyle diseases at bay but also a lot of food companies. At times we get confused about veracity of statements that we hear / read in media. Particularly as there dont exist  stringent laws for advertisement of these health products.Majority of food companies try to exploit loopholes to market their products. One of the products that is highly advertised is Oats.

There is no Doubt that Oats are highly beneficial. Scientific studies have shown that they help in lowering of LDL(bad) cholesterol and thus aid in reducing the risk of Coronary heart diseases but it also depends in which format oats are consumed. Oats are rich in soluble dietary fibre, B vitamins and thus aid in digestion. At the same time Oats dont contain other essential nutrients to make a wholesome nutritious meal. Thus if having Oats in breakfast they should be combined with milk & Fruits like apples, mangoes, strawberries, banana etc to make a healthy breakfast.