20 good foods for women’s health!

Women’s health and well-being has became one of the most predominant and attention-seeking issue worldwide. It is mandatory to maintain proper health of women in the family so that the entire family’s well-being is ensured. Nutrition plays a major role in maintaining health of women and there are certain foods which would help in taking care of them. Here is a list of 20 super foods for maintaining women’s health.

1.      Yogurt

Yogurts are capable of providing a significant amount of calcium required by women. It is a proven fact that yogurt reduces the risk of breast cancer, stomach disorders and vaginal infection. But it is always better to choose a low-fat yogurt so that weight is under control.

2.      Oats

The soluble and insoluble fiber and beta glucans in oats helps in maintaining women’s blood cholesterol under control. Apart from this, if aiming for weight loss, oats is a good choice, because of its high fiber content.

3.      Almonds

Almonds are wonder nuts dumped with enormous health benefits. They are capable of protecting artery wall from damage and so reduce the risk of heart attack.

4.      Green tea

This extraordinary beverage has multiple benefits like rehydrating the body, calorie-burning, antioxidant effects, cancer fighting and providing anti-diabetic effects.

5.      Lentils/ Beans

As a pack of proteins, fiber and antioxidants lentils should be a part of daily routine of women.

6.      Eggs

Eggs should be considered as a mandatory ingredient in diet since the vision-protective carotenoids in eggs are capable of protecting age related macular degeneration in women without increasing the cholesterol levels. They are also capable of fighting against fibroids in women.

7.      Dark chocolate

The heart-protective antioxidants in dark chocolates help women stay away from risk of cardiovascular problems. The mineral content of these yummy foods help in protecting their bones and so help in warding off osteoporosis in later part of their lives.

8.      Walnuts

The omega-3 fatty acid in walnuts helps in preventing breast cancer and lowers cholesterol levels too. Apart from these, walnuts help in sleeping better and also cope with stress.

9.      Pumpkin seeds

The surprising fact about pumpkin seeds are that they are capable of relieving depression, which is a major issue in women folk. It also relieves motion sickness and related complications.

10.  Broccoli

Broccoli has proven benefits of fighting against breast cancer by fighting excess estrogen. The folate content of broccoli helps  in preventing neural tube defects in the new-borns, if been consumed by pregnant women.

11.  Avocados

These nutrition-dense foods are capable of lowering belly fat with its mono-unsaturated fatty acid content. It has unproven effects on the fertility issues of women.

12.  Tomato

Lycopene, an antioxidant in tomatoes help in preventing breast and cervical cancer in women. The polyphenol content of tomatoes helps in thinning the blood in a natural way.

13.  Whole grains

Being good sources of fiber, whole grains are capable of warding off digestive problems in women.

14.  Berries

The wide range of berries like strawberries, blackberries and blueberries have extraordinary antioxidant qualities which would help in cell replenishment and also reduces risk of cancer too.

15.  Fatty fish

The omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fishes like salmons, sardines, mackerel etc helps in protecting against multiple health threats in women like depression, arthritis, joint pain, stroke etc.

16.  Milk

Milk, the greatest source of calcium has multiple benefits. It helps to maintain the skin soft and glowing. As an excellent de-stressor, it relaxes the muscles and soothes nerves. It also helps in easing out the effects of post menopausal syndrome.

17.  Spinach

The excellent fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, K and potassium contributed by spinach helps in maintaining proper health although the life.

18.  Raisins

In addition to the fiber and iron content, the phytochemicals in raisins helps in delaying the tooth decay.

19.  Guava

These extraordinary fruits with vitamin C and antioxidants help in warding off coronary heart diseases in women.

20.  Water

Water is primarily required for almost all metabolic processes in the body. It improves the radiance of the skin, aids in digestion and detoxification. Eight to ten glasses of water per day along with foods high in water content like cucumber, cantaloupes etc would help in maintaining water balance in the body.


Incorporation of all these healthy foods is mandatory to maintain proper health in women. For more personalized diet plan: http://www.rxocean.com/Personalized-Diet-Plan.php