Improve Employee Efficiency through the food they eat

Have you ever wondered if productivity and efficiency of your employees can be increased further ? Although most of the companies / corporates do this by making it easier for employees to work, provide cabs to reach office or allow them to work from home etc. But none of the organizations actually look into preventive healthcare or eating habits of their employees be at work or outside work. No one wants to monitor as to what employees are eating within the office premises or outside, whether they are fat or too skinny or they are suffering from other medical problems coz they are over weight or suffering from lifestyle diseases like over weight, obesity , Diabetes which is keeping them from working efficiently.

Many a times we notice employees feeling drowsy post lunch and are unable to concentrate for an hour or so until they finally make a move to get another cup of coffee or tea. Imagine a scenario where scene post lunch was the same as that in the morning at 9:00 AM when office opens i.e. everyone is brimming with energy and finishing off their work quickly as they are mentally alert. Or what if people in your office take less number of leaves as they are physically fit and active Or what when people are close to their Ideal body weight and not suffering from lifestyle related problems like obesity, diabetes etc.

Scenario posted above is very much realistic with the only thing that needs to be done is to improve what employees are eating in the office cafeteria. Ensuring that employees eat healthy and not junk food that induces drowsiness or make them obese or feel depressed. Office administration can do a number of things that promote healthy eating and thus living like:

1) Educate staff on ill effects of eating junk food
2) Cut down on availability of food items like Chips and other salty snacks, colas, ice creams
3) Increase availability of food items like sprouts, sandwiches, fresh cut fruits, fresh juices
4) Packed food items like Corn flakes and milk sachets can be made available to employees etc.

A number of such steps can be taken to improve the diet of the office workers. These small – 2 measures go a long way in improving diet and nutrition of employees and at the same time help them cut down on the associated lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes etc. By inculcating healthy eating habits amongst employees, companies can ensure that productivity and efficiency of its employees is increased and also help them keep disease free.

Author is a Lead Dietitian / dietician with RxOcean and is based out of Delhi, Gurgaon and keeps traveling to locations like Bangalore / Chandigarh to lecture in corporates on healthy living. One of the key services which RxOcean has devised is to advise office administration on how to improve cafeteria to make employees healthy.

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Pre & Post Natal Weight Loss Diet – Calcium Requirements

Women can handle a number of things together i.e. manage office work, family, raising kids, cook food for family, ensuring that everyone in the family is healthy etc. But while busy multi tasking and handling so many activities at home and office, they completely ignore their own health. A Home maker should not only consider what needs to be done for the family but take care of herself as well to perform her roles and
duties better.

As a dietician / dietitian, I come across so many females clients that come to me for diet and nutrition related problems have had ignored some of the basic things that should be doing towards their health. On a general basis, if Women take care of their health related issues at an earlier date or when their body had given some early warnings things would have been much simpler. one such case is that of pregnant women and post pregnancy care that women should ensure.

Women get busy in their activities and new life post delivery that they completely ignore basic body wants. During pregnancy a lot of calcium is drained out of the body ( for the new born) and as a result women who come to me for weight loss post pregnancy often complain about issues like back-ache and knee-
aches etc. These are educated women know all about problems like oestopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, hormonal imbalances that women usually suffer from in later stages of life but still ignore things. At times these post pregnancy weight loss clients also complain they were not educated by their gynaecologists that they must continue their calcium supplements till the time they are breast feeding their baby or even for some months once breast feeding has stopped.

Although a Gynaecologist would be the right person to suggest the quantity and form of calcium that body should be given as as supplement but as a dietitian / dietician it is my job to ensure that I help my women clients (particularly pregnant women and women dealing with post pregnancy weight issues) with calcium rich diet. This supplementation is not only important for them but equally important for their little one who is dependent for his/her nutrition on the nursing mother.

Author is the leading dietician / dietitian for Team RxOcean and can be reached at 9891544850. To know more about Diet packages and various diet plans available, kindly visit

Secrets of weight loss revealed by a Dietician / Dietitian

Is there a secret to weight loss Or Is weight loss a difficult science that so many people are not able to understand it Or Do we need do something special to achieve weight loss Or Is weight loss all about eating bland boiled vegetables Or Is there is a special weight loss diet ?

Answer to all the above questions and many more like these which arise in our minds when we start thinking about weight loss is a big NO. Weight loss can be achieved using normal daily food that one eats and nothing special is required. Most of the diets that are available in various forms try to create some sort of negative calorie balance or try to improve metabolism of people.

Negative Calorie balance like the name suggests is giving body less number of calories in comparison to what is required by the body thus ensuring that body consumes calories that are stored in the form of fat. There are a number of ways to do it and professionals have named it in a special manner to confuse readers and users. Thus in turn creating a brand for themselves.

Anyway, coming back to negative calorie balance – I think most of users or weight loss clients can achieve the same at their home and don’t really need professional help but the tricky part is to balance all the nutrients that are required in the daily meal and at the same time cut down on the calorie intake. This is the place where help of a doctor or a dietitian / dietician is required. Many a times people just start eating boiled vegetables or completely stop eating to lose weight. All these practices do more harm to the body than good.

A team of good doctor and dietitian play an important role in the journey to achieve right weight. In many cases, where the patient is suffering from a disease, a doctor is in a better position to advise a dietitian as to what should be given to the patient in terms of protein intake or in terms of salt, sugar etc. More the complicated a case higher the need for a doctor’s involvement. Cases like Diabetes, Liver cirrohosis and Kidney problems etc do warrant involvement of a doctor along with dietitian. e.g. In a recent case of diabetes diet for weight gain that came to us, patient hailed from Gurgaon and weighed around 55 Kgs. Now tricky thing is that amount of protein in the diet cant be more than 65 gms else that might affect or damage liver of the patient whereas on the other hand doctor had recommended around 75 grams of protein for a different patient (from Delhi) suffering from liver cirrohosis. ( In case of patient suffering from Liver disease – diet chart for a healthy diet had to be prepared for the patient – not weight gain or weight loss). These examples clearly show that there doesn’t exist one silver bullet for all the cases and all cases need to be treated and discussed in light of person / patient’s body conditions.

In case nutrient intake is not balanced with the calorie cut , person might be able to lose weight as desired but either the body might regain the weight or will show up other signs like weakness, hair fall etc. at a later stage. To sum up we can say that although there doesn’t exist any big secret for weight loss but at the same time it is important to get the meal and regimen planning done by a professional.

Following are some of the exercise tips that one can include in his / her daily routine to keep oneself fit when on a dietary regimen.

* Cardio exercise (5 or more times a week)
* Flexibility / Stretching exercise (daily)
* Increase activity levels by taking stairs, walking, moving around more, etc.
* Eat healthy, balanced meals
* Get enough sleep
* Manage stress

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How Do I Keep Myself Fit ?

(This Post has been contributed by one of our readers)
Knowing my job in IT Industry and the sort of lifestyle that I have wherein I am glued to my Laptop for more than 16 hrs a day, A number of people ask me as to how can I keep myself fit and how do I keep my weight in check ? All these people get surprised when I tell that I dont do any exercise and I have sweet tooth. On top of that my parents are on the heavier side. Looking at all the questions I thought about what do I do differently than others to keep my weight in check and here is the list of activities I do:

1) Although I dont exercise but at the same time I keep myself active by getting involved in household chores. I even wash my cars once a week to keep myself active and bend my back.

2) Weak Point – I love sweets and cant resist not having them. Only thing I do to cut down on my sugar intake is to cut down sugar in raw format or in my tea and coffee. I am pretty sure most of the avid tea / coffee drinkers would agree to me that taste of the coffee / tea loses some of its original flavor when sugar is added to it. Even if some people dont agree with me on this front and say that this is my personal choice but the key is to balance your calories somewhere or the other. excesses at one place have to be balanced somewhere else.

3) Meals – I cant claim that I am a foodie but I generally dont indulge in binge eating unless I am offered sweets :-). Infact for me entire meal can be that of sweets and nothing else. But on a general basis I keep my meals very very short and may be have 6-7 meals a day . Rather than keep myself hungry and wait for meal time I go and pick up something to eat after every couple of hours.

4) Fruits – On a general basis I do try to eat some fruits every day. Being an Apple lover I can have an apple every day throughout the year. But then I dont fancy any fruit – I generally am ok with all the seasonal fruits.

5) Vegetables – Again I dont avoid any vegetables even potatoes which some dietitians dont recommend when on weight loss diet.

6) Milk and Dairy Products – Although on a general basis I start my day with a glass of milk but I can have another one or two if I dont have anything to eat.

So net net I try to have variety – doesnt by any chance mean that I like all the vegetables or fruits or cereals :-)).

If I analyse my daily intake and lifestyle, I dont work out or do much of exercise on a daily basis but still am able to maintain my weight. I think it is because I have high BMR coz of the way I live or eat. Most importantly, I keep track of the changes in my body and in case I feel I have added couple of kilos, I try to cut down on my sweets for a couple of weeks ( which is indeed very very difficult for me :-)) but I feel to have a fit body and to avoid some of the lifestyle issues / diseases like Diabetes etc it is very much required.

Cervical Spine Issues – IT Workers

Are you suffering from Neck pain or shoulder pain off late. If yes then please don’t delay any further consult a doctor now. It has so happened with me. Since the time I started using Laptop I have been suffering from issues like stiff neck, shoulder pain etc but I used to put some muscle relaxant ointment for couple of days and within some days I used to feel better.

This went on but I never paid too much stress on what was happening in my body, Until one fine day I started feeling that my neck is carrying dead weight of my head and I am feeling heaviness in my neck. At that point I realized that something has gone wrong. I consulted a orthopedician and was told that these are common symptoms amongst IT professionals. I tried to improve my posture and started doing some exercise which was suggested by the doctor but I suppose it was too late and damage was already done.

Suddenly one fine day I started feeling numbness in my little finger in my left hand – I somehow knew I couldn’t take this lightly anymore. I immediately called up Doctor Kirti Soota ( Family Physician on RxOcean to understand what is happening. Dr Kirti Soota explained to me in detail as to what has happened. I was explained about the spinal cord in detail. She also made me understand that some nerves might be getting pressed against one of the bones in the neck and as a result I am feeling numbness in my finger. To me it was a shock to understand that something in my neck could affect my fingers but when I discussed with her she told me that Paralysis could be one of the consequences if this is ignored and situation worsens. She suggested me to go for an X-Ray of Cervical Spine ( AP View) and report her back with findings.

My X-Ray reports confirmed her doubts. X-Ray clearly said that I had prolapse in C4-C5 but as the consultation had happened over the phone and she was not in a position to see the X-Ray, she suggested that I should go and visit a Orthopedician again along with a report. My subsequent visit to an orthopedician revealed a number of other things. What he said was not a shock as I knew some things already about my neck like he mentioned that in case of C4-C5 Prolapse my thumb and fore finger would have got affected and not my little finger which even Doctor Kirti Soota had mentioned but X-Ray doesnt give that bad a picture and may be nerves got pressed coz of some other reason.

As of now I have been put on some muscle relaxants and PreGalin M 75 for a course of 15 days and have been told that in case the situation doesn’t improve we would have to go for an MRI. I am hoping that doesnt happen 🙁 and I get cured before that with this medication. But I thought it would be good to share these findings with readers of RxOcean. Firstly to tell what all problems IT Workers are having nowadays and secondly to showcase how beneficial talking over Phone to a doctor can be. I was not only told which specialist I should go and meet but also explained the consequences of ignoring such things in detail.

Fortunately I realized how beneficial can medical opinion over phone can be – had I just ignored that particular problem of numbness and not contacted Doctor Kirti Soota not sure what would have led me to visit a doctor – it might have gotten a bit too late ..Hence Second Opinion / Medical Opinion over phone can be used as a preventive health care option as well.
Neck Pain and its causes

Neck pain affects approximately 80% of people at some point in their lifetime. It may result from sleeping the wrong way, poor body mechanics (such as poor posture, or holding the telephone between your shoulder and ear), or constant working on laptops sitting in a bad position or from an injury. Symptoms of cervical spine include:

* Neck pain
* Shoulder pain
* Arm pain
* Tingling in the arms, hands, or fingers
* Numbness in the arms, hands, or fingers
* Sharp pains in the arms, hands, or fingers
* Weakness in arms
* Frequently dropping items
* Weakness in legs
* Tripping or stumbling when walking
* Weight loss
* Headaches
* Nausea

You should consult your family physician for an evaluation if you have any of the following symptoms:

1. Neck pain with high fever, chills, and weight loss
2. Ongoing numbness, tingling, weakness in the arms or legs
3. Loss of bowel or bladder control
4. Loss of balance
5. Severe headaches
6. Dizziness
7. Neck pain that persists despite conservative treatment
8. No obvious cause for neck pain
9. Neck pain that is progressively getting worse, and worsens at nighttime
10. Neck pain that persists beyond three weeks