Medical Records and Importance of Data / preserving prescriptions

Who is responsible for Data? Are we responsible for maintaining our personal medical records or the hospital or nearby Doctor that we visit us?

More often than not the prescriptions that are given to us by doctors end up in the waste bin after couple days or weeks or years as we think that we have been fully cured and we don’t really require those prescriptions. Do we ever realize how important those prescriptions are even after we get cured. We can do a lot of analysis and unearth answers to some of the questions like

• How many times in a year did I fall ill
• Whether the treatment went as per the plan
• Whether my body reacted badly to certain drugs
• Whether my body responded faster to certain kinds of drugs and slower to certain
• Is there some pattern in illness – monthly, weekly, quarterly
• Is the whole family falling ill in a pattern – be it season change or one particular month.

Apart from the normal questions like above – We should also be able to analyse as to whether some of hereditary diseases that our parents used to suffer from have been passed on to us and whether our children are likely to suffer from those in future. All the above can be answered if prescriptions that we dump in our dustbin are stored properly. Infact every member of the family should maintain his/ her file of records.
Answers to some of the queries can not only help us take preventive action in case we see similar circumstances and patterns emerging but also help us raise the standards of our healthcare sector. Imagine if the same data is collated at the community level a number of problems can be forecasted (outbreak of diseases in certain areas and how it is spreading) and action can be taken in time.

Is it possible to keep all the records in safe custody and do all analysis? Yes, but it would be easier if online medium is used to store personal records. In fact web portals like offer these solutions for free. Users can store their medical records, consult online dietitians and doctors. One can also seek second opinion from various super specialists available on the portal. Also Doctors and Dietitians together analyze your family’s health records and can help you and your family follow healthy and nutritious diet plans. Although benefits are tremendous but what is required is some sort of discipline in filing our records properly as they are too important for us and for the community at large.