How Do I Keep Myself Fit ?

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Knowing my job in IT Industry and the sort of lifestyle that I have wherein I am glued to my Laptop for more than 16 hrs a day, A number of people ask me as to how can I keep myself fit and how do I keep my weight in check ? All these people get surprised when I tell that I dont do any exercise and I have sweet tooth. On top of that my parents are on the heavier side. Looking at all the questions I thought about what do I do differently than others to keep my weight in check and here is the list of activities I do:

1) Although I dont exercise but at the same time I keep myself active by getting involved in household chores. I even wash my cars once a week to keep myself active and bend my back.

2) Weak Point – I love sweets and cant resist not having them. Only thing I do to cut down on my sugar intake is to cut down sugar in raw format or in my tea and coffee. I am pretty sure most of the avid tea / coffee drinkers would agree to me that taste of the coffee / tea loses some of its original flavor when sugar is added to it. Even if some people dont agree with me on this front and say that this is my personal choice but the key is to balance your calories somewhere or the other. excesses at one place have to be balanced somewhere else.

3) Meals – I cant claim that I am a foodie but I generally dont indulge in binge eating unless I am offered sweets :-). Infact for me entire meal can be that of sweets and nothing else. But on a general basis I keep my meals very very short and may be have 6-7 meals a day . Rather than keep myself hungry and wait for meal time I go and pick up something to eat after every couple of hours.

4) Fruits – On a general basis I do try to eat some fruits every day. Being an Apple lover I can have an apple every day throughout the year. But then I dont fancy any fruit – I generally am ok with all the seasonal fruits.

5) Vegetables – Again I dont avoid any vegetables even potatoes which some dietitians dont recommend when on weight loss diet.

6) Milk and Dairy Products – Although on a general basis I start my day with a glass of milk but I can have another one or two if I dont have anything to eat.

So net net I try to have variety – doesnt by any chance mean that I like all the vegetables or fruits or cereals :-)).

If I analyse my daily intake and lifestyle, I dont work out or do much of exercise on a daily basis but still am able to maintain my weight. I think it is because I have high BMR coz of the way I live or eat. Most importantly, I keep track of the changes in my body and in case I feel I have added couple of kilos, I try to cut down on my sweets for a couple of weeks ( which is indeed very very difficult for me :-)) but I feel to have a fit body and to avoid some of the lifestyle issues / diseases like Diabetes etc it is very much required.

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