Improve Employee Efficiency through the food they eat

Have you ever wondered if productivity and efficiency of your employees can be increased further ? Although most of the companies / corporates do this by making it easier for employees to work, provide cabs to reach office or allow them to work from home etc. But none of the organizations actually look into preventive healthcare or eating habits of their employees be at work or outside work. No one wants to monitor as to what employees are eating within the office premises or outside, whether they are fat or too skinny or they are suffering from other medical problems coz they are over weight or suffering from lifestyle diseases like over weight, obesity , Diabetes which is keeping them from working efficiently.

Many a times we notice employees feeling drowsy post lunch and are unable to concentrate for an hour or so until they finally make a move to get another cup of coffee or tea. Imagine a scenario where scene post lunch was the same as that in the morning at 9:00 AM when office opens i.e. everyone is brimming with energy and finishing off their work quickly as they are mentally alert. Or what if people in your office take less number of leaves as they are physically fit and active Or what when people are close to their Ideal body weight and not suffering from lifestyle related problems like obesity, diabetes etc.

Scenario posted above is very much realistic with the only thing that needs to be done is to improve what employees are eating in the office cafeteria. Ensuring that employees eat healthy and not junk food that induces drowsiness or make them obese or feel depressed. Office administration can do a number of things that promote healthy eating and thus living like:

1) Educate staff on ill effects of eating junk food
2) Cut down on availability of food items like Chips and other salty snacks, colas, ice creams
3) Increase availability of food items like sprouts, sandwiches, fresh cut fruits, fresh juices
4) Packed food items like Corn flakes and milk sachets can be made available to employees etc.

A number of such steps can be taken to improve the diet of the office workers. These small – 2 measures go a long way in improving diet and nutrition of employees and at the same time help them cut down on the associated lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes etc. By inculcating healthy eating habits amongst employees, companies can ensure that productivity and efficiency of its employees is increased and also help them keep disease free.

Author is a Lead Dietitian / dietician with RxOcean and is based out of Delhi, Gurgaon and keeps traveling to locations like Bangalore / Chandigarh to lecture in corporates on healthy living. One of the key services which RxOcean has devised is to advise office administration on how to improve cafeteria to make employees healthy.

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