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My neck has been troubling me for almost a month now. It makes a crackling sound when I rotate it and always gets stiff. At times it gets so lifeless that I feel I am carrying dead weight of my head on my Neck. Along with that my shoulders get swelled and at times eyes and head also pain making me feel what the hell is going on. I somehow knew at the back of my mind that my profession is the problem. Being in IT Industry has its own merits and de-merits.

Merits which generally people from other industry find and also crib about include work schedule flexibility and working from home. We hardly realise that these merits actually become demerits in a very short span of time. You would be wondering how that could be possible. Simple reason being we get glued to our laptops / computers for longer duration in comparison to normal office hours. The usual breaks that one takes in office be it tea break or some chit chat with colleagues also go for a toss at home making us “may be” a bit more productive but at the cost of our health.

I think this is what has been taking its toll on my health – my neck, my eyes and my shoulders have been paining like anything since last month. Anyway, my orthopedician doctor confirmed the same today – he said jokingly it is IT Industry syndrome and if you want to get rid of this issue forever you should leave your job. Not sure if it would be restricted to IT industry in future as all the work in service industry even our books, newspaper, etc are moving to e-paper. Anyway, according to my doctor this continuous working infront of computers leaves one with stressed muscles and hence the swelling and other issues that I have been suffering from.

What I was suggested some simple exercises which need to be done religiously to help improve strength of neck muscles. Also I was advised to take rest breaks and close eyes after every hr and put the head on the backrest of the chair for couple of minutes along with improving the ergnonomics. Ideally Eyes should be at the level of your computer screen so that one doesn’t have to look down or bend his/her neck to work, which rarely happens as when working on desktops only our chairs are adjustable and not our desks. So if you are lucky enough to have normal height then your body would be positioned ergonomically else not. Anyway there are a number of tips for IT workers to sit properly and do some normal things to improve their posture so that they dont face all these issues and it is not that this blog is the first time you are reading about those but certainly we fail to implement those in our normal life and remember those only when we fall sick.

I will keep writing about various issues or health hazards that IT professionals suffer from so that we IT community at large can benefit from it.

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Dietician by Profession but an IT professional by heart who believes that marriage of IT and Healthcare is the way to go to improve lifestyle and health of people in the country.

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