Large Numbers of IT Workers Resort to Smoking

A large number of IT / ITES workers (Guys as well as Girls) smoke. Although there are tonnes of ill effects of smoking but after talking to a number of my clients in IT and BPO sector – we have noticed one common issue which they highlight. Most of these people always say that “Smoking aids in Weight Loss – so why should we discontinue that?”

In a sense they are right but we need to select the lesser of two evils. It is true that nicotine in cigarettes affects body weight by increasing the metabolic rate and hence the number of calories burnt. It also decreases appetite and thus the food intake. So once you quit smoking you may gain some weight but it is not a hard and fast rule. At times there is an urge to eat sweet foods or eat more when not smoking. To prevent this, keep low calorie foods handy and try to follow a healthy diet and exercises. You’ll soon see a change in your fitness levels. Just keep in mind that the health risk associated with slight weight gain are negligible in comparison to tremendous positive health effects of quitting

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Niti Munjal

Dietician by Profession but an IT professional by heart who believes that marriage of IT and Healthcare is the way to go to improve lifestyle and health of people in the country.

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