Weight Loss for Women – A Dietician can help

For women feeling good is synonymous to looking good! And the bane of looking good is that ogre of increasing weight. It is rarely that a woman is satisfied with the way she looks and with her weight, whatever it may be. There is that nagging feeling of insecurity and weight loss is a subject for constant consideration.

Health and Weight Loss

Drastic methods of weight loss like unsupervised fasting, bulimia, fad diets like Atkins No-Carbs diet can be very dangerous to health and leave you looking haggard and tired instead of young and vibrant.

If you feel that you are over-weight or your thighs and hips are not as slim as you would like them to be inspite of regular exercise and a controlled diet, you should consult a good dietician before going on some fad diet or taking some diet pills or buying some extraordinary gadget that will make you slim in a jiffy! Keep away from instant remedies for they cannot give enduring results.

A good dietician will be able to find out whether you really are a candidate for weight loss or not. A trained dietician can advise you about how much you should lose and how you should lose it. By following the directives of an experienced dietitian, you can maintain optimum weight and feel healthy.

Checklist of a Dietician

There are many factors that a dietician considers before planning your diet and activity specifically for you. The following are some of them:

  • Your weight with respect to your height and age.
  • Thyroid and other hormonal deficiency
  • Life style; sedentary or active.
  • Occupational stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Physical ailments such as diabetes, hypertension etc.
  • Post natal weight gain

Considering all these factors that are needed to be thought of,  before chalking out a specific diet and exercise program, you can understand that you need professional help from a trained dietician. Not taking treatment from a dietitian could hamper your health and damage your looks forever.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

There is about 10 kilos of weight gain during pregnancy. After delivery usually there is weight loss during lactation and in about a year after delivery, the woman goes back to her former weight. However, sometimes there is no post pregnancy weight loss due to a variety of reasons and the weight seems to have accumulated on the hips and thighs in particular.

A good dietician can best advice in these circumstances and treat you back to your slim hips and thighs!

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