Food should be fun explains a Dietician

Food is always expected to be healthy hence this topic may sound like an oxymoron. But, food that is capable of giving a feeling of enjoyment and happiness can make one psychologically satiated too.

Although eating healthy remains to be the priority for all of us, there is always a tendency to search for interesting and innovative factors associated with the meal. Preparing same type of food or recipes over and over again makes it monotonous and boring over a period of time. This is where we end up munching unhealthy snacks or tasty junk food items. This phenomenon happens irrespective of age, gender or health condition of the person.

In general, food that is considered to be fun is often associated to be unhealthy or low in nutrition. But there are ways in which recipes or tasty food can be made healthy too. Here are a few tips to fill your food with fun and make it interesting too.

  • Involve your family members in cooking, especially kids
  • Let each recipe of a meal be prepared with interesting new idea inputs from family members
  • Try preparing foods like pizzas, burgers, etc. at home with healthy ingredients.
  • Try healthy cooking methods (like pressure cooking) in order to minimize the nutrient loss from foods
  • Try methods like pan frying, baking, stir frying over deep frying
  • Incorporate cooking practices like placing fried foods on tissue paper (to absorb excess oils), sprouting pulses before cooking (in order to increase the protein content and digestibility of the pulses), cleaning vegetables before chopping (to reduce nutrient loss)
  • Try new nutrient specific recipes like antioxidant rich (spinach gravy, beet and onion salad), iron rich (green collard sandwich, rice flakes), high fiber (veggie salad, whole cereal porridge) and high protein (Sprouts salad, scrambled egg white).
  • Search for new interesting recipes online
  • Make healthy foods more interesting by adding new tasty ingredients like tangy dressing on salads and dry nuts and fruits in porridges
  • Try out new ideas for presentation and serving

Innovativeness is the key to make food interesting and make eating a fun-filled task. A few modifications to regular food can make it healthy and fun-filled. Remember health and nutrition factor shouldn’t be compromised at any cost.


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