Home Remedies for Healthy Glowing Skin and Beautiful Hair

Arrival of Winters i.e dip in temperatures and cold winds affect our overall well being. Our Skin, Health and immunity levels suffer with the changing weather. To ensure that we maintain good appearance i.e. external and internal health, we need to maintain good nutritional levels.

Nature has given us a number of natural substances to help protect our body against the extreme climatic conditions. Following are some of the natural substances that can help us during this winter season.

1. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera’s herbal and medicinal properties also help in making our body stronger and skin better as it hydrates our body and compensates the loss in moisture from our body.  Its natural calming & soothing properties offer perfect solution for skin and hair disorders.

2. Neem – Since ages our parents have used Neem to solve skin related problems. It is known to be one of the most reliable cures for skin related problems like acne / pimples etc. Skin deep blood impurities and poor levels of digestion in the body lead to zits and bacterial breakouts. Neem consists of blood purifying and cleansing properties thus helping get flawless bright skin.

3.  Amla – Amla is said to be the most quintessential element for beautiful, strong and lustrous hair. Amla is highly enriched with vitamins and minerals particularly Vitamin C & B Complex. It also contains calcium, phosphorous, carotene and iron as nutrients which are good for hair. It helps prevent hair pigmentation and hair loss. It is also rich in anti oxidants thus making it perfect ingredient for maintenance of overall health. Amla is also known as an anti -ageing agent and prevents medical condition hyperlipidemia which means excessive amount of fat developed in the blood.

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