Ideal BMI, Body Water, Lean Mass, Body Fat %

Many a times people have lots of misconceptions about ideal body mass, body water %, lean mass and body fat %. It is ok when people who are not aware about these things and how they work technically but the main problem arises when some of the gym instructors and fitness trainers tell wrong things to their clients.

Recently a client of mine who had lost almost 20 kilos of weight in 5 months and was very satisfied with the results called me frantically asking for an appointment. When we finally sat down he told the entire story that a friend of his who is a fitness trainer told that his body fat % is 20% over the normal and he needs to lose that fat. Now that he had already lost 20 kilos and was very much near his ideal body weight he wondered what else can he do ? Although I was a bit bemused at whatever he told me about the fitness trainer but then I realized that a number of people dont understand these things in detail hence am publishing the following tables which can be used as a benchmark for checking if your ratios are near to normal or above / below normal.

Just a note of caution although these numbers can be used as a benchmark but they mightnt be applicable on each and everyone.  A lot depends upon the individual’s current medical conditions etc. Hence it is always advisable to consult a dietitian / dietician to ensure that you know the right parameters for your self.


BMI (Body Mass Index) Categories:


BMI Standards
19 – 23 Normal
23 – 25 Over weight
25- 28 Obese
28 – 30 Obesity Grade -1
30 – 32 Obesity Grade -2
32 – 34 Obesity Grade -3

Total Body Water Percentage:

  • Males- 60 -70 %
  • Females- 40 %

Average Lean Mass:
Women- 40 -43
Male- 45 – 48

Body Fat % Analyser:


Age % Standards
20-39 23 %
40-59 25 %
60-79 27 %
Male :
20-39 18 %
40-59 20 %
60-79 22 %

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2 thoughts on “Ideal BMI, Body Water, Lean Mass, Body Fat %”

  1. ah ha – even my fitness trainer at a leading chain of fitness centre in Gurgaon told me the same. I weigh hardly 65 kilos and am 5ft 7 inches and according to him I have excess fat in my body :-(…

  2. I believe that avoiding ready-made foods is the first step to be able to lose weight. They can taste excellent, but processed foods have very little nutritional value, making you take in more just to have enough vigor to get throughout the day. Should you be constantly ingesting these foods, changing to whole grain products and other complex carbohydrates will help you have more vitality while ingesting less. Thanks alot : ) for your blog post.

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