Secrets of weight loss revealed by a Dietician / Dietitian

Is there a secret to weight loss Or Is weight loss a difficult science that so many people are not able to understand it Or Do we need do something special to achieve weight loss Or Is weight loss all about eating bland boiled vegetables Or Is there is a special weight loss diet ?

Answer to all the above questions and many more like these which arise in our minds when we start thinking about weight loss is a big NO. Weight loss can be achieved using normal daily food that one eats and nothing special is required. Most of the diets that are available in various forms try to create some sort of negative calorie balance or try to improve metabolism of people.

Negative Calorie balance like the name suggests is giving body less number of calories in comparison to what is required by the body thus ensuring that body consumes calories that are stored in the form of fat. There are a number of ways to do it and professionals have named it in a special manner to confuse readers and users. Thus in turn creating a brand for themselves.

Anyway, coming back to negative calorie balance – I think most of users or weight loss clients can achieve the same at their home and don’t really need professional help but the tricky part is to balance all the nutrients that are required in the daily meal and at the same time cut down on the calorie intake. This is the place where help of a doctor or a dietitian / dietician is required. Many a times people just start eating boiled vegetables or completely stop eating to lose weight. All these practices do more harm to the body than good.

A team of good doctor and dietitian play an important role in the journey to achieve right weight. In many cases, where the patient is suffering from a disease, a doctor is in a better position to advise a dietitian as to what should be given to the patient in terms of protein intake or in terms of salt, sugar etc. More the complicated a case higher the need for a doctor’s involvement. Cases like Diabetes, Liver cirrohosis and Kidney problems etc do warrant involvement of a doctor along with dietitian. e.g. In a recent case of diabetes diet for weight gain that came to us, patient hailed from Gurgaon and weighed around 55 Kgs. Now tricky thing is that amount of protein in the diet cant be more than 65 gms else that might affect or damage liver of the patient whereas on the other hand doctor had recommended around 75 grams of protein for a different patient (from Delhi) suffering from liver cirrohosis. ( In case of patient suffering from Liver disease – diet chart for a healthy diet had to be prepared for the patient – not weight gain or weight loss). These examples clearly show that there doesn’t exist one silver bullet for all the cases and all cases need to be treated and discussed in light of person / patient’s body conditions.

In case nutrient intake is not balanced with the calorie cut , person might be able to lose weight as desired but either the body might regain the weight or will show up other signs like weakness, hair fall etc. at a later stage. To sum up we can say that although there doesn’t exist any big secret for weight loss but at the same time it is important to get the meal and regimen planning done by a professional.

Following are some of the exercise tips that one can include in his / her daily routine to keep oneself fit when on a dietary regimen.

* Cardio exercise (5 or more times a week)
* Flexibility / Stretching exercise (daily)
* Increase activity levels by taking stairs, walking, moving around more, etc.
* Eat healthy, balanced meals
* Get enough sleep
* Manage stress

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