Simple Eating Habits to Improve and Sustain health

For a happy and peaceful living, food, as they say, plays a major role. Food sustains our life and gives us the energy to do the most important things in our life. The kind of food that we have determines what we are to an extent. Taking good food promotes both mental and physical health.

With obesity on the rise, there is a need to look at alternatives to our usual diet habits. Weight gain is on the rise in cosmopolitan cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc due to the sedentary lifestyle of the population in these cities. As a result these cities are also reporting increase in lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases etc.

Doctors and Dieticians today are suggesting ways to improve overall health of individuals by planning healthy diets that includes diet rules to be followed and kind of exercises to be taken up. Exercises such as cycling, swimming, yoga, weight regimes and diet pattern are some of the alternatives that individuals can look at when on a weight loss program. Although Weight loss programs and exercises differ from person to person depending upon criteria such as height, weight, lifestyle, health problems, sex etc. But following some of the simple but effective rules suggested by Doctors and Dieticians can go a long way in improving our overall health and aid in healthy living. Although we have been hearing these rules since young age but we forget applying them and as a result fall sick more often. As a precautionary measure to avoid any food contaminations and viral or bacterial infections one of the foremost rules is to clean our hands and other body parts which are exposed to the outside world before having our meals.

We must also take good care of how we eat our food. The preparation as well as the ultimate consumption is also important while having food. Dieticians suggest people to restrain themselves from talking while taking food. There are chances that food might enter trachea or windpipe

   Avoiding TV while having food is another important rule suggested by Dieticians. Taking food while watching TV is not a good idea because people end up eating more as concentration is more on the TV than on the food. Hunger is related to what we see with our eyes. When we do not see the amount of food that we eat, we end up actually eating more. This works like an illusion. Our brains are fooled to believe that we did not eat anything while watching TV.

Chewing the food thoroughly is also an important step in taking food. One can get the best taste of the food only when it is chewed thoroughly. Big, unchewed food particles are hard for the acids in the stomach to digest. If the majority of the food that we eat is not chewed properly, then we would not get the nutrients properly. Food such as meats must be chewed thoroughly so that they are digested properly. Chewing is also good for the gums as the jaws will work hard. This also promotes blood circulation in mouth.  

Eating un-fried food with low calories and avoiding junk food like burgers, colas etc. is another recommendation – Foods with low calories include whole wheat, vegetables, sprouts, cereals etc. These are best for obese people who want to lose weight. These foods promote internal health as well.

If followed religiously, above listed simple rules can go a long way in improving and sustaining health of individuals.

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