iPill usage, iPill’s benefits and issues related to Ipill’s misuse

What is iPill ?
i-Pill consists of one 1.5 mg levonorgestrel pill. The pill is indicated for the prevention of pregnancy *after* an act of unprotected sexual intercourse. You take the pill as soon as possible after the unprotected intercourse, up to 5 days (the sooner, the better).

Ipill, an emergency contraceptive pill. Unfortunately it is gaining popularity amongst teenagers, despite repeated warning from doctors / gynecologists against its careless use. Since ipill is an over the counter product, one doesn’t need a prescription and even teenagers are able to purchase the same from medical shops. The trend is more prevalent amongst the affluent classes of major cities in India like Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. We receive many a cases where in young girls in their teens have taken iPill and call up RxOcean doctor to understand what could be the possible consequences of the same. In one such absurd case a girl’s boy friend made her have iPill twice within a span of 7 days without knowing what could be the possible consequences of doing this.

Infact dos and donts of the same are not clearly advertised even on Piramal Healthcare’s website which says
“i-pill has no long-term or serious side effects, and is safe to use for almost every woman. Nausea, vomiting, lower abdominal pain, a feeling of breast tenderness and headache are some common side effects after taking i-pill. All this should stop within a day or two. There are chances of unexpected vaginal bleeding, but this is not dangerous and should clear up by the time of the next period. i-pill might also cause the next period to come early or later than normal. But if the periods are delayed by more than a week, it is recommended to go in for a pregnancy test. i-pill will have no lasting effect that may complicate future (and wanted) pregnancies. i-pill is not recommended if you are allergic to levonorgestrel – the medicine used in i-pill.”

On one hand iPill’s Opponents claim that “It is only proved for women aged from 25-45. Ipill can be potentially harmful since it is a hormonal pill. Some Doctors have also suggested that frequent use can cause ovarian damage and menstrual problems, especially among younger girls. Certain side effects of ipill as mentioned by ISARC researchers include, reduced sex interest, skin allergies and loss of vigor. Long time effects of a hormonal pill cant be predicted. Continuous use may reduce the chances of future pregnancy too.”

Based on the logic that this medicine is supposed to be used sparingly and occasionally and hence is completely safe. But most of the people dont understand this logic and just go by the advertisement they see in the TV which doesnt clearly mention that it should be used sparingly and is not an alternative to contraceptive pills and hence use it without knowing the effects of its usage. Based on this background, proponents of iPill argue that  ” It is wrong to say that it was designed for women over 25 and is completely safe. According to these advocates of iPill there is no age restriction for the emergency contraceptive pill like the i-Pill. If you are of reproductive age (past menarche = the first period), are sexually active, and do not plan a pregnancy you can use the i-Pill. Other than allergy or pregnancy, there are no contraindications to i-Pill use.The i-Pill is safe to use even for women who cannot use the regular birth control pill. The i-Pill does not cause ovarian damage, nor does it reduce the chance of future pregnancy, etc. Briefly, the hormone in the i-Pill is a progesterone-like hormone; progesterone is a hormone secreted by the body and it has a regulatory function in the reproductive system.” Thus claiming that iPill is completely safe medicine

Although there are no clear winners to this debate but all said and done it is always safe to avoid any type of drug. Why cant we use other precautions to prevent pregnancy rather than depend on iPill post unprotected Sex. In case you still have queries and would like to discuss with a professional doctor , please call Family Physician ( Doctor / Gyanecologist ) available at www.RxOcean.com and discuss your case in detail.

One of the other question that people ask is do women gain weight when they take contraceptive pills?

Although there doesnt exist any scientific research to prove this but our experience from our clients suggest that a minority of women do experience weight gain. They get a feeling of bloating, probably due to fluid retention, and their weight goes up. These problems are temporary in nature and are resolved when they stop taking it.

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15 thoughts on “iPill usage, iPill’s benefits and issues related to Ipill’s misuse”

  1. Is it okay to have unprotected intercourse again within 24 hours after having the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (I-Pill)?

    If not, then what are the ways to avoid pregnancy?

    Of course, the lesson learnt is to use protection.

  2. Hello Sir/Mam, I am 14 and I had unprotected sex yesterday and had an I-Pill after 6 hours of my sex. So I am really worried of pregnancy. Can you please tell me how many days the I-Pill will be effective, or should i need to take another one. Please help me. Its a lifetime request…

  3. Mam’Sir

    I am 39 yrs old and have a son who is 6yrs old I do not want any more kids as we are having financial pressure due to homeloans and personally loans and was taking Ovral’l as suggested by the Dr. but on 17th Sept I missed my pill and had sex but when I remembered I took my pill and it was within 12 hrs as said on the packet. Usually as soon as the pills are over I get my period within 2/3 days but its been 6 days now and I have not yet got the same, do you think I am pregnant? Please advise? am a bit worrited.

  4. Dear vSir/Madam,
    my wife took i-pill twice before with all 2-3 months gap, she took one more after 2 months gap, totally within a span of one year she took 3 i-pill, 2nd time she took i-pill after 3-4 months,3rd time after 2-3 months, so is it affects her pregnency she’s around 26 yrs, please give me suggestion on this.

  5. Dear Sir , Madam,
    my wife took ipill three times, after taking first ipill, she took once more after three to four months gap, then she took one more with a gap of two to three months, totally til now she took three ipill, all with a gap of more than two months, please suggest me is it affects pregnancy by taking this these many times and also please suggest me is it safe taking ipill.

  6. I had sex on 24th feb and took I Pill on 26th feb so it safe or are there any chances of getting pregnant and i have stil not got my periods its almost 5 days late please sugest me sumting i am realy worried…

  7. I am 25yr old married i took i-pill 2months before and today i took, so will it affect my pregnency in future please give me suggestion on this.

  8. Dear Sir/Madam.

    I used ipill more than 10 times. Is there any effect for not getting future pregnancy. Please reply me and suggest me.

    thank u

  9. Dear Mam/Sir,

    I had sex with my boyfriend one week back and took i-pill.Since we had unprotected sex two days so i had one i-pill on each day.Now i have some bleeding from my vagina like last days of periods, after one week.Can you plese tell me isit normal or it is some sort of common side-effects of i-pill,also have abdomen pain.

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am 20 years old,getting married early.I had sex with my husband and took i-pill because our parents don’t want us to had a child still as we are still young and after 1 week we had sex again and took i-pill again.Would there be any chances of pregnancy and dangerous? I would be very thankful if you could kindly tell me.Thank you.

  11. I am 23 yrs old and my girlfrnd is 22. Yday we had a intercourse on her 6th day f periods bt i ejuculatd outside. I was using a condon bt it got torn n i am nt sure about pre-cum! Wot shd i do? Shud i advise her to take i-pill? N plz help me on d tenure of i-pill! I-pill is taken only once?

  12. mam i had sex with my bf and ihad taken ipill within 36 hrs after takingipill i had my periods after 15 days lasting for four days ,is there any reason to worry if so please suggest what to do…..

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