Pre & Post Natal Weight Loss Diet – Calcium Requirements

Women can handle a number of things together i.e. manage office work, family, raising kids, cook food for family, ensuring that everyone in the family is healthy etc. But while busy multi tasking and handling so many activities at home and office, they completely ignore their own health. A Home maker should not only consider what needs to be done for the family but take care of herself as well to perform her roles and
duties better.

As a dietician / dietitian, I come across so many females clients that come to me for diet and nutrition related problems have had ignored some of the basic things that should be doing towards their health. On a general basis, if Women take care of their health related issues at an earlier date or when their body had given some early warnings things would have been much simpler. one such case is that of pregnant women and post pregnancy care that women should ensure.

Women get busy in their activities and new life post delivery that they completely ignore basic body wants. During pregnancy a lot of calcium is drained out of the body ( for the new born) and as a result women who come to me for weight loss post pregnancy often complain about issues like back-ache and knee-
aches etc. These are educated women know all about problems like oestopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, hormonal imbalances that women usually suffer from in later stages of life but still ignore things. At times these post pregnancy weight loss clients also complain they were not educated by their gynaecologists that they must continue their calcium supplements till the time they are breast feeding their baby or even for some months once breast feeding has stopped.

Although a Gynaecologist would be the right person to suggest the quantity and form of calcium that body should be given as as supplement but as a dietitian / dietician it is my job to ensure that I help my women clients (particularly pregnant women and women dealing with post pregnancy weight issues) with calcium rich diet. This supplementation is not only important for them but equally important for their little one who is dependent for his/her nutrition on the nursing mother.

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Niti Munjal

Dietician by Profession but an IT professional by heart who believes that marriage of IT and Healthcare is the way to go to improve lifestyle and health of people in the country.

3 thoughts on “Pre & Post Natal Weight Loss Diet – Calcium Requirements”

  1. Absolutely – my wife has been complaining about back aches and body aches post we had our first baby. Unfortunately there is very little awareness on all these issues amongst the masses. I hope Team RxOcean would help spread the word amongst the masses on such simple issues that help in preventive healthcare and improve health amongst masses.

  2. Hello Niti,
    Thanks, on a related note, A single of the stuff you do when you are pregnant is get started taking in for two. You eat more meals that you did not often eat and in the combination’s that appear to be at the time to be ridiculous.
    Keep up the posts!

  3. Hi Niti,
    Thanks for your thoughts, Post pregnancy weight loss is one of the main topics that are on a new mothers mind.

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