What, why and how of PCOD / PCOS ?

PCOD – Polycystic ovarian disease or syndrome PCOS is a condition in which the ovaries show many small cysts arranged in the shape of a necklace within it. this results in an abnormality of hormones with the male hormone dominating. As a result the girls with this syndrome show features such as acne, excessive facial hair growth, weight gain and irregular or scanty menses

The incident of PCOS / PCOD appears to be rising. It is seen in as many as 30% of the young women . Atleast 70 – 80% of my weight loss female clients suffer from PCOS / PCOD. Age range of these clients start from as young as 15 years – in these young girls the symptoms are mainly cosmetic as they get disturbed with problems related to acne, weight gain and facial hair.

In case of married women, PCOS / PCOD often manifests as infertility or inability to conceive. In this condition, the ovulation many not occur regularly, and as the egg doesnt come out each month, the chance of pregnancy is low.

Women in their mid 30’s are also prone to diabetes and later to cancer of the uterus. It is important to bring on the periods regularly with medicines if they don not come monthly on their own.

A lot of patients with PCOS / PCOD are obese and one of the main treatments is lifestyle change with exercise, good diet and weight loss. This is the only thing which is effective in the long term.Problem of PCOS/ PCOD can affect women of all the age groups, causes different problems at different stages of life and hence should be diagnosed and treated with care

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  1. i want to know more abt PCOD, i got married last yr and during pre-pregnancy test came to knw that i hav PCOD. my periods were not regular since starting. can u suggest d exact diet required.

    1. Hi Sheeba,

      PCOD problem can be managed by proper diet management accompanied with weight loss and exercise. Majority of the female clients that we have suffer from this problem and post weight loss PCOD / PCOS gets cured completely.

      In case you wish to enroll in our diet management program you can call our helpline number +91-9891544850 and speak to our diet consultant in detail.

      Niti Munjal

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